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Keto Chocolate Cake


$65.00 Whole Cake

Keto, GF, DF, Grain Free

A decadent and rich chocolate cake without the guilt! SF chocolate ganache and berry couli through the centre, finished off with ganache on top.

Ingredients: Organic pastured eggs; unsalted butter; almond meal; dutch cocoa; flaxmeal; lakanto; pink salt; aluminium GF free baking soda & baking powder; dash of apple cider vinegar; vanilla essence; espresso powder

Ganache: Cacao powder; lakanto; cacao butter; coconut oil; vanilla

Cuts into 10 generous slices

Net Carb per slice 3.5g

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GF, DF, RSF, Plant Based, Paleo
GF, DF, RSF, Plant Based, Grain Free, Paleo
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