Sip Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can’t be home to receive the delivery?

    If you’re not home when we deliver, our driver will follow any delivery instructions you added to your order or will leave your box in a secure location. Our driver will text once delivery is made.

    Where required our meals will arrive in an insulated box but please be sure to put your meals in the fridge or freezer as soon as you get home and be aware that we can take no responsibility for your order after it has been delivered.

  • Where do you deliver to and what is the cost?

    For Auckland deliveries please enter your postcode into the postcode checker to see if we deliver to your area and the associated charge.


  • What Allergens are used?

    Our food is produced in kitchens that use the following allergens:

    • Peanuts
    • Soy
    • Tree nuts
    • Eggs
    • Milk
    • Fish
    • Shellfish
    • Sesame seeds
    • Gluten (oats)

    We do not use any ingredients with sulphites or lupin.

    Whilst we have processes in place to minimise cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee any of our dishes will be completely free from traces of key allergens.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message us at [email protected].

  • Do you cater for certain dietary requirements?

    Yes! Everything we make is using whole food nutrient dense ingredients to nourish you as best we can. You will find NO refined flours, sweeteners, industrial seed oils, additives or preservatives in our kitchens.

    We cater to a range of dietary requirements including strong offerings for:

    • Plant-based diets
    • Ketogenic and Low-Carb High Healthy Fat diets
    • Gluten-Free diets (non-gluten ingredients are used but items may contain traces)

    For specific dietary needs please refer to the individual meal information.

    For specific catering requirements please email Vicky on [email protected]

  • What do the nutrition abbreviations on the meals mean?

    • GF – Gluten-free
    • DF – Dairy-free
    • SF – Sugar-Free
    • RSF – Refined Sugar-Free
    • Paleo – The food fits the requirements of a paleo diet, including being dairy and grain-free
    • Keto – The food fits the requirements of a Ketogenic diet
    • Plant-Based – the meal is vegan, free of all animal products including honey and eggs.

  • Where do you source your ingredients from?

    • We use Bostocks organic sustainably farmed chicken and Mount Cook Aoraki cold smoked salmon
    • Tonzu organic Tempeh
    • Puhoi Valley organic full fat milk
    • Our eggs are from Durham Farms organic free to roam hens
    • We only use quality oils, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil. NEVER hydrogenated or highly refined oils
    • We always choose the best fresh local seasonal produce with a priority on organic and spray free. Our main suppliers are Ceres Organics, Chantal, Eat Your Greens, Sip Kitchen grown greens and herbs; and The Produce Company for the in-between needs.
    • 85% of our dry goods are organic
    • Our rising agents are Bobs Red Mill Gluten free baking powder and Gluten free aluminium free baking soda

Preparation and Storage:
  • How do I heat my meal?

    The Ecoware soup pots cannot be heated in the oven but are microwave safe. The bamboo food boxes are both microwave and oven friendly.

    Instructions for each meal will be on the front sticker. Due to varying microwave wattages, some microwaves may require slightly more time to heat each meal.


    Typically, single portions will need 2-3 mins on high, probe with a knife to ensure the centre is piping hot, if not, heat for longer.

    For best results defrost the meals in the fridge overnight then microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.

    If you are reheating from frozen, defrost in the microwave for 5 minutes then heat on high for 2-3 minutes.

    Oven heating:

    Place bamboo food box in the oven and fan bake at 150 degrees for 10-15mins. Or until piping hot in the middle. If you would prefer, transfer the meal to an oven safe dish for heating.

    For food safety, always ensure your dish is piping hot in the centre and keep an eye on over-cooking as all appliances have their own quirks!

  • How do I store my food?

    Fresh Meals: are designed to be eaten within six days of receiving. Please pop them in the fridge. If plans change and you haven’t eaten your meal within three days, then most can be frozen. Except the salads ... just get stuck in an eat it, its good for you! Or smoothie it😊

    Baked Goods: please store in an airtight container in the pantry or loaves can be kept in the fridge. Muffins and loaves can all be frozen.

    Baking Mixes: these will last for a few months in their packaging, however airtight glass jars always do the best job at keeping ingredients fresh.

    Frozen Meals: can be kept up to three months in the freezer. All our meals are made fresh by hand in small batches, so please make sure you eat within three months of the best before date on the label when freezing.

    Always remember to store your Sip Kitchen meals in the freezer at -18°C. For best taste results defrost them thoroughly in the fridge before heating.

    Please do not re-freeze food once defrosted as the food will not be safe to eat.

  • How do I minimise food waste?

    Freeze fresh food down if it is not going to be eaten in time and only defrost what you need.

    If the portion size looks too big for your hunger, only heat what you can eat and save the rest for tomorrows lunch.

    Left over salad could be used in soup stocks, frittatas, vege fritters.

    Left over soups make a great addition into hot sauces and casserole dishes.

  • Is the packaging environmentally sustainable & compostable?

    We buy our packaging from Ecoware, a NZ business developing world-leading sustainable food packaging also certified carboNZero. It’s…

    • packaging made from plants, not oil
    • certified and trialled for commercial and home composting
    • paper from responsibly managed plantations
    • materials sourced from renewable resources