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Why do My800

Why do My800

Who would benefit

Calorie restriction (CR) can be beneficial for almost anyone as the range of benefits you can achieve are significant. Whether it be to lose weight, improve metabolic health, increase energy, improve markers of brain health, or decrease inflammation. We have attached clinical research and resource links if you are interested in understanding the science behind calorie restriction.

"Calorie restriction without malnutrition....leads to longevity for all sorts of life-forms....It engages the survival circuit, telling longevity genes to do what they have been doing since primordial times: boost cellular defenses, keep organisms alive during times of adversity, ward off disease and deterioration, minimize epigenetic change, and slow down aging.”

- Lifespan, David A. Sinclair.

Calorie restriction is not just for those with a health concern, healthy individuals and athletes can also reap the benefits of reduced inflammation, improved health, and life span goals plus boost NAD+.

Which MY800 approach you choose, or whether you undertake a fast or a fasting mimicking diet like our Longevity Fasting Meal plan will come down to your personal health goals. Both CR and fasting can be used together across a year to achieve maximum results.

What’s right for me?

Start with listing your health goals and then prioritising them in order of importance, be aware of your current stress level and any lifestyle factors (travel, family etc). This should help steer you in the right direction. Next give something a try and see how it works for you, remembering that the approach you choose can change over time depending on your health needs.

It is important to understand your stress levels ahead of undertaking CR or a fast, especially for middle aged females. Too much added stress by way of a stringent protocol or extended fast is likely to be counterproductive and can disrupt hormones. A couple days a week of eTRF (Early Time-Restricted Feeding) may be enough to begin with.

If you need guidance on understanding what’s right for you, please discuss with your GP or health professional.

For example:

Slim individuals who have no major health issues and are interested in anti-aging/longevity may choose to complete the Longevity Fasting Diet 1-2 times per year, in combination with including one of the MY800 approaches or using Time Restricted Feeding.

A busy individual with signs of metabolic syndrome who doesn’t have the time or inclination to prepare food mid-week and tends to eat whatever’s readily available may be more suited to a more intensive My800 approach such as 5-days on 2 days off for several weeks to accelerate biomarker improvement, then progress to maintenance via 5:2 intermittent fasting.

A menopausal female may be best suited to completing the Longevity Fasting Diet once a year, with My800 3 day meal plans or 5:2 intermittent fasting used more regularly for weight control as it contains more protein which is important for menopausal women

An athlete may be best suited to doing 3-day MY800 meal plans 2-4 times a year (not in heavy training weeks) to maximise NAD+ and improve fat burning/adaptation.

My800 Meal Plans

SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic 
SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic