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I have previously tried Longevity Fasting's FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet), so I was certainly intrigued when I heard about the My800 with added protein. As an athlete who typically trains around 15 hours per week, keeping up some physical activity is essential to my routine. Whilst doing the FMD, although I keep up some exercise, I felt anything substantial was nearly impossible. The My800 certainly hit my expectations. Not only was all the food provided incredibly tasty and nutritious (almost too delicious as you wanted more!), I found I was able to exercise 1-2 hours every day over the three day course. Compared to the FMD, my blood glucose levels were much more stable (blood glucose lows of 4.0 MM during My800, compared to 2.7 MM during FMD). This is why I could exercise much more readily. My800 was much more holistic, as it still allowed for other health-boosting activities like exercise and sauna. It also wasn’t anywhere near as catabolic due to the higher protein, which is undoubtedly crucial for athletes like me. I enjoyed the My800 and will look to be including this into my routine every 3 months as metabolic re-set.

Dr Dan Plews

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day My800 plan. We’ve both done 5 day limited calorie plans in the past which are a little more challenging and tougher to fit into a busy social lifestyle. The 3 day plan is easy to fit in during the week and it’s over before you know it. The food is delicious! The variety was excellent and we certainly didn’t feel like we were missing out at all. We both lost around 1.5kg over the 3 days but that wasn’t really the whole story; improved mood, no bloating and a clear and alert mind is what really helps you understand the importance of quality in, quality out. The additional protein in this plan meant I still managed to exercise during the 3 days and felt comfortable with sessions burning 5-600 calories per day. The meals are also easy to take to work and heat if needed. We will be looking to do the My800 plan again soon.

R. Booth 

We both found the my 800 3 day fast really good.  The food was tasty and had great variety.  We both continued our usual exercise and did not experience any lack of energy.  We really only felt a bit hungry later in the evenings.
For me in particular I found this a much more pleasant experience than the LFD when I had headaches and dizziness and fuzzy vision.  None of that with the My 800.  Also psychologically 3 days is just more manageable than 5.
We would certainly be keen to try again, possibly doing a 2 day on a regular basis.

J. Kennedy

My800 Meal Plans

Sugar Free | Grain Free | Low Carb | Made using non-gluten ingredients | Organic 
Sugar Free | Grain Free | Low Carb | Made using non-gluten ingredients | Organic 
Sugar Free | Grain Free | Low Carb | Made using non-gluten ingredients | Organic 
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