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About My800

About My800

The view that dietary restriction without malnutrition prolongs life has become a central tenet in aging research.

Stephen Simpson, PhD, & David Raubenheimer, PhD

My800 Meal Plans use ‘calorie restriction (CR) and a higher protein and low-carbohydrate Mediterranean-style real food approach and are based on the latest calorie restriction and longevity research, and has a variety of benefits including:

  • Reducing blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity

  • Flipping the "fat-burning switch" so that you burn more fat for energy, especially targeting visceral belly fat

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Kick-starting healthier habits

  • Improving healthy lifespan and decreasing age-associated diseases

  • Boosting NAD+ levels

  • Encouraging autophagy (cellular repair through the body's natural process of clearing away damaged cells)

There seem to be two mechanisms by which a restricted-calorie diet increases life span. First, it reduces free radical production, or the production of highly damaging forms of oxygen, and the second is that calorie restriction increases the resistance of cells to stress. We think that both of these are important in protecting against a number of different diseases that have a negative impact on life span, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Mark Mattson, PhD, chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging

We have three different length My800 meal plans available so we can better meet the health goals of our customers:

  • 2 day - supports an Intermittent Fasting (IF) 5:2 approach.
  • 3 day - great for those not ready for, or not in need of 5-days of calorie restriction; or those who want to get the benefits of 3-days of calorie restriction during busy work, travel, or training weeks as they are easier to add to your schedule on a more regular basis.
  • 5 day - for those who want to achieve the physiological changes that 5 days or more of calorie restriction initiate e.g., greater time in nutritional ketosis, more weight loss etc.

The My800 meals:

The My800 meals have been nutritionally designed and calculated to be high in protein and low in carbs whilst containing organic, low-carbohydrate, healthy, whole-food ingredients. As a result, My800 meals are nutrient-dense and filling, making compliance to calorie restriction easier and safer for longer periods of time.

Protein: The My800 meals have been nutritionally designed to deliver a minimum of 65g protein per day, with no meal dropping below 16g of protein. Forty-five to fifty percent of the total energy per day comes from protein. The high protein content means that My800 reduces blood glucose levels faster; minimises the risk of protein deficiency, and improves satiation and energy making the meal plan easier to adhere to.

Carbohydrates: Your total carbohydrate load per day does not exceed 50g, with a maximum of 35g of net carbs per day, keeping the My800 meals consistent with a low-carbohydrate approach.

Fats: The meal plans have been designed to deliver higher levels of polyunsaturated fat (omega 3 fatty acids) and monounsaturated fats versus saturated fat from ingredients like salmon and extra virgin olive oil. The meals are very low in saturated fat, for example, the 3-day My800 has only 6% of energy from saturated fat.

My800 meals are a combination of freshly-made and frozen meals, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included each day.

All MY800 meals contain:

  • Quality, organic sources of protein, with limited red meat
  • Mostly organic vegetables
  • Olive oil, nuts, oily fish/Omega 3s
  • Herbs and anti-inflammatory spices
  • Food cooked from scratch and made with real food ingredients

All My800 meals are free from:

  • Refined carbohydrates and high-starch foods
  • Ingredients containing gluten
  • Added sugars, refined sugars, high fructose/high sugar fruits
  • Snacks
  • Low-fat products
  • Processed foods and artificial ingredients
  • Industrial seed oils

My800 Meal Plans

SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic 
SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic