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Research & Resources

There are numerous benefits of fasting and fasting-mimicking diets. Below are a number of resources that you can explore to learn more about the benefits of fasting and fasting-mimicking diets and the health benefits of these protocols.

Fasting and Fasting Mimicking

Sip Kitchen’s Longevity Fasting Diet protocol is based on research from Dr. Valter Longo and his team at the University of Southern California (USC) Longevity Institute. Below are a variety of podcasts and resources on this research by Dr. Valter Longo. If you are interested in learning more about this research, explore the resources below. 

Learn more about Dr. Valter Longo and his research on longevity

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TED X - Dr. Valter Longo on Fasting

Valter Longo, Ph.D. on Fasting-Mimicking Diet & Fasting for Longevity, Cancer & Multiple Sclerosis

Research Papers

Fasting and Autoimmune Diseases

Choi, I.Y., C. Lee, and V.D. Longo, Nutrition and fasting-mimicking diets in the prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases and immunosenescence. Mol Cell Endocrinol, 2017. 

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Fasting and Aging, Diabetes, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease

Wei, M., et al., Fasting-mimicking diet and markers/risk factors for aging, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Sci Transl Med, 2017. 9(377).

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Fasting and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rangan et al., Fasting-Mimicking Diet Modulates Microbiota and Promotes Intestinal Regeneration to Reduce Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pathology. Cell Rep, 2019. 26(10): 2704–2719

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Fasting and Cancer

1. Dr Valter Longo and the FMD

Research on the Fasting Mimicking Diet and Dr Valter Longo’s (Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences, Director of the Longevity Institute & founder of the FMD) recommendations.

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2. Fasting and breast cancer

Fasting mimicking diet as an adjunct to neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer in the multicentre randomized phase 2 DIRECT trial

This study indicated that a fasting-mimicking diet is safe and effective as an adjunct to chemotherapy in women with early breast cancer.

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3. Fasting and cancer - general overview

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Fasting mimicking diets and gut health

A study on a four-day fasting-mimicking diet and gut health showed that the FMD reduced intestinal inflammation, increased stem cell number, stimulated protective gut microbiota, and reversed intestinal pathology caused by DSS in those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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Benefits of Shorter Fasts and Intermittent Fasting

 Animal studies have documented robust and replicable effects of fasting on health indicators including greater insulin sensitivity and reduced levels of blood pressure, body fat, IGF-I, insulin, glucose, atherogenic lipids, and inflammation. Fasting regimens can ameliorate disease processes and improve functional outcome in animal models of disorders that include cancer, myocardial infarction, diabetes, stroke, AD, and PD. 

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- V.D Longo and M.P Mattson, Fasting: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications, Cell Metabolism, 2014. 19 (2): 181-192

 Low Protein Intake & IGF-1, Cancer, and Overall Mortality


  • High protein intake is linked to increased cancer, diabetes, and overall mortality
  • High IGF-1 levels increased the relationship between mortality and high protein
  • Higher protein consumption may be protective for older adults
  • Plant-derived proteins are associated with lower mortality than animal-derived proteins

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- M. Levine et al., Low Protein Intake Is Associated with a Major Reduction in IGF-1, Cancer, and Overall Mortality in the 65 and Younger but Not Older Population, Cell Metabolism, 2014. 19 (3): 407-417

Longevity Fasting Diet by Sip Kitchen

LCHF, Sugar-Free, Grain-Free, Soy-Free, Made using non-gluten & non-dairy ingredients but may contain traces
Plant-Based | Sugar-Free | Made using non-gluten and non-dairy ingredients but may contain traces
Plant-Based | Sugar-Free | Made using non-gluten and non-dairy ingredients but may contain traces