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Can I still exercise while undertaking My800?

We recommend continuing to exercise while doing My800, however, we don't recommend exercising in excessive amounts or layering in new levels of exercise while you are also new to My800. Exercising during My800 will help use up stored glucose and when combined with calorie restriction from My800, will encourage greater levels of fat burning.

You can read more information from a study on calorie restriction and exercise by the Pennington Calerie Team here:

Can I drink coffee while completing My800?

Yes, but try and limit it to no more than two black coffees or teas per day (no sugar, milk, cream etc).

Can I drink alcohol while completing My800?

No, alcohol adds significant unwanted calories.

Can I keep taking my supplements?

Yes, you can keep up your normal vitamin supplementation but only if they don't add substantial calories such as protein powders.

We recommend taking a quality multivitamin whilst on CR to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need. The aim is calorie restriction without malnourishment.

I have food allergies, can I still buy My800 meals?

You are unable to consume the My800 meals if you are allergic to, or are unable to consume the following:

  • Nuts
  • Soy
  • Seeds including sesame seeds
  • Tomatoes
  • Foods that are not low FODMAP
  • Histamines 
  • Eggs
  • Seafood

Nb. The standard MY800 meal plans contain some dairy through whey protein, and in the 5 day meal plan a small amount of cheese so overall the meal plan is very low dairy. We can keep the meals dairy free if there is an allergy, this will just drop the protein delivery a small amount. Please specify this in the notes section at purchase.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects will be more prevalent the longer the duration of the My800 meal plan. Most common side effects are headaches, light headedness, constipation, fatigue. You receive a comprehensive Information Pack when you buy My800 meals, this covers potential side effects and remedies that can help relieve them.

Will I feel hungry?

You may feel hungry at certain times of the day, hunger tends to come in waves but if you keep yourself busy and well hydrated it should be easy to manage. The higher protein component in My800 meals also helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Can you make MY800 meal plans plant based?

The protein levels in MY800 are important to hit and it is substantially harder if the meals are vegetarian or plant based. The overall calorie level would have to increase to ~1,000kcal a day to achieve the protein requirement needed if the meals are plant-based.

How long can I use CR for?

Rapid weight loss using a 7 day a week CR approach has been shown in clinical studies to be safe for up to 12 weeks for those that need it (participants were monitored). Some side effects will be noticed but are easily managed. Our MY800 5-day approach when repeated in subsequent weeks provides two days off making it even safer for longer and helps mitigate some side effects.

My800 Meal Plans

SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic 
SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic 
SF, Grain-Free, Low-Carb, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces, Organic