Sip Kitchen

Keto Chocolate Cake & Muffin Mix


$14.00 Single Cake Mix

Keto, Grain-Free, Paleo, Made using non-gluten ingredients but may contain traces

The Sip Kitchen Chocolate Cake in an easy to assemble and bake at home mix that can be turned into muffins or chocolate brownie. Mix makes one 20cm tin cake or 8-10 muffins.

Just add unsalted butter (or coconut oil for DF) and eggs.

Approx macros per piece (10 pieces per cake), not iced

Net CHO Fat Pro kcal
1.8 21g 6.7g 236

Included Ingredients: almond meal, flaxmeal, dutch cocoa, Lakanto, GF baking powder, GF baking soda, pink salt

Allergens: tree nuts, milk, eggs

355g Net

Please note our kitchen uses the following ingredients: tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, oats, egg, fish, sesame, & shellfish. While we take the utmost care with every product we make, there is a chance of cross-contamination. 

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